About me

What started as ‘just for fun’ has grown into my biggest passion: entertaining the audience.

Magic Entertainment from an early age

At a very young age, I became fascinated by the world of magic. I will never forget when I saw my first magic trick, performed by a magician who came to my father's company party every year. When I was fourteen years old, I received a deck of cards from him, and since then, I still work with them every day. In the years that followed, I expanded my repertoire of magic tricks with acts including cards, rings, Rubik’s cubes, ropes, money bills, and other everyday objects. My ability to entertain and include the audience has allowed me to travel and perform all around the world. I hope that when I perform, I inspire my audience in the same way that the magician inspired me when I was young. There is something about seeing a trick performed right in front of your eyes and still not knowing how it happened. That mystery, that look of amazement, is why I love to perform. That’s the real magic to me!

Strong interaction

I engage my audience in a relaxed and humoristic manner, bringing them into the magic. The crowd will have their minds blown as they participate actively in the tricks.

Multiple Languages

I am fluent in three languages (Dutch, English, and German), and love to perform in international settings. Over the last few years, I have performed in Belgium, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, and the USA.